Sergio Rodríguez to the Knicks?

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Sergio Rodríguez to the Knicks?

I think it would be a great move for them. Some people called him the next Steve Nash and are hugely disjointedness by his mediocre backup point guard numbers. With Portland he didnt fit with their offense. and this year he hasnt got much playing time but has been playing well. hes averaging 6 points. 3.2 assists, and 0,8 steals, and with good playing and the fact that his great playmaking skills and fast break play woulds fit when there i think he could become a poor mans Steve Nash. at least thats my thoughts what point guards do you think would fit well there?

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What's his contract like? If it's not bad then I am cool with it.
Is he 10x better than Duhon? If so then the Knicks have a much better chance at the playoffs this year, so I would be satisfied.

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