Marcus Thornton

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Marcus Thornton

How many people have seen Marcus Thornton play? Is he the future SG of this team or are they going to look to get someone else down the road? His numbers since he's been a starter have been very good.

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I really like his game, i

I really like his game, i think he could be the future SG of this team.
I think he could be a really good 2nd option to Paul in the future, maybe a 18-22 ppg scorer.
But as the #1 option he could put up great numbers in the future.
I think he has all star potential.

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He's a good scorer and he's

He's a good scorer and he's a better athlete than most give him credit for. With that said, I think they need to bring in someone who's both a swingman and a good defender to start. He'd be perfect in a J.R. Smith role where he'd come off the bench from the middle of the 1st quarter until halftime, and then come off the bench from the middle of the 3rd quarter until the game ends.

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viable starter

i think thorton is a viable starter in the nba. he seems to be very efficient and capable of scoring many different ways. i think he's the beneficiary of good pg play (even collison has been playing well in cp3's place). i think the hornets need to go out and get a quality sf. they've never solidified their wing positions. stojakovic, posey, and peterson are all past their primes. and julian wright is a bust. the worst thing are all are signed through 2011.

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Draft Steal

During the draft process I said Marcus Thornton was the steal of the draft. I think he be can become Michael Redd type player. When I saw him play in LSU, he had huge games where he hit off the dribble threes with a defender in his face slashed to the hole and got to the FT line alot. I am very confident he will be a star player from what I see in him right now and from college. He is going to get ALOT of PT with the lack of depth NO has.

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