Rose and Westbrook at a standstill???

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Rose and Westbrook at a standstill???

I think both of these guys are going to be great and may surpass CP3 and DWill. I do have a problem when people on this site say Rose is a pure point guard and makes teammates better. Whereas Westbrook is known for being a scorer and very out of control and unpolished. The numbers that I see make a lot of peoples points seem bias and not giving westbrook enough credit.

Rose: 17.6 FGA and 2.8 TO

Westbrook: 14 FGA and 3.3 TO

The numbers say that they shoot about the same amount, but Rose shoots more than anybody on his team and I think we all know who shoots the most on the Thunder...

Durant: 20.1 FGA
Tyreke: 16 FGA

Rose shoots more than Reke and only 3 less shots than Durant so what is Rose really?

I pesonally prefer Westbrook but that's my opinion. I just wish everybody stopped being bias because they are neck and neck its just which style you prefer. The thing I don't get is how Westbrook can have more rebounds, assists, and way better defense how people say Rose is by far the better player? To keep it real its a toss up and neither is that much netter than the othe guy whichever way you see it. And please stop calling Westbrook very turnover prone and don't say the same thing about Rose its bias! Congrats to Rose for being an All-Star

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I agree with every point you

I agree with every point you mentioned.

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i believe he can be a billups

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Derrick Rose is taking those

Derrick Rose is taking those shots because he has too. If he doesn't score for Chicago who will? Same with Tyreke, he is the best offensive player on his team. If Chicago got another scorer i'm sure Rose would gladly give it up to the guy if he felt he had a better chance at scoring than himself.

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The only major knock you can

The only major knock you can have on Westbrook is his poor shooting %s...However, in January he finally stopped taking 3s and his month's FG% was 42.7...which isn't great, but also isn't terrible, but it's definitely an improvement. If he keeps this up he'll have pretty much improved in every category, along with his team winning significantly more compared with Rose who's stat's are the same, or worse, and his team is winning the same amount as last year. Obviously you can't totally blame/praise those players for their team's successes/failures, but I think those things should be noted.

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I think Rose is turning into

I think Rose is turning into more of a Wade type player. He is big and physical and can get to the rim with ease. He is nowhere near him defensively but he is starting to take over games down the stretch. Festar is right in saying that he has to take those shots becuase the Bulls have no other real options. Since Kirk has been inserted into the starting line-up, the Bulls have gone 13-5. The PG ability of Kirk has allowed Rose to move without the ball and get open looks. I think they have a good chemistry together and if they do end up trading Kirk, they need to get someone who can bring the ball up the court and let Rose roam the floor. The assist totals are deceiving between Rose and Westbrook. Westbrook gets to throw the ball to Durant all game, Rose is a better passer. I may be bias because of the picture to the left, but I think Rose has a higher ceiling.

Good post though because I feel Westbrook doesn't get a lot of love.

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i think rose is a better pg than westbrook. rose has nobody to help him out of offense besides deng. salmons proved that last year was a peak year for him and ben gordon is gone. besides noah, most their big guys are face up guys and noah is really not a threat inside. it's pretty obvious why his assist numbers aren't as good as westbrook's. i think you got to remember that rose really showed off his pg skills in college when he almost pulled a carmelo and won a championship in his only year. you look at that team and only one other player is productive in the nba (cdr).

however, westbrook is still a great player and probably has a lot more upside in him. considering he came out of nowhere his sophmore year and is now averaging 16 and 7.5 in the nba, i would say sky is the limit.

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westbrook is a good player

westbrook is a good player but I think you give any GM in the NBA a choice and they'd take Rose

statistics don't always tell the story in basketball - like some other brought up before me, westbrook is playing with kevin durant which takes a lot of offensive pressure off of him, rose's offensive aggressiveness this year is a result of his not having any durant-caliber offensive player on his team. rose has shows previously he can play the point guard position and demonstrated that he is a very unselfish player, a lot of times to a fault, in fact the biggest critisim i've heard about rose is that he has a tendency to be unselfish to a fault

last year with ben gordon on the team rose willingly took a back seat offensively to some other guys, when he was probably still really the most capable scorer on the team

I like westbrook's game as well and i don't mean to take anything away from him, but i don't think he's quite the player that derrick rose is

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westbrook v. rose

Westbrook is a very good player with a very bright future, but Rose is clearly better. previous posters have made all the points that need making, most importantly the supporting cast

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Rose and Westbrook aren't neck and neck. There are a couple of things that Westbrook does better (defense and rebounding), but Rose is clearly the better player. Rose's defense and rebounding are also improving every game. All the points that need to be made have been made above!

On another note... I think you're a funny dude. Earlier this season, you criticzed Rose about not having the "killer instinct" to take over games offensively and take the big shots... Now that he's doing that, you're criticizing that too! As it was mentioned above... Rose has to take those shots because there isn't another player on his team that can take over like he can. He definitely makes his teammates better. He's still extremely unselfish and makes the right passes. He takes all of his shots within the flow of the game.

Facts are facts... Rose has gotten stronger EVERY month, his team is winning and he's an All-Star. How can you criticize that?

Nov - 16.2 points, 5.3 assists and 2.9 rebounds
Dec - 20.4 points, 6.1 assists and 3.8 rebounds
Jan - 23.1 points, 6.4 assists and 4.4 rebounds

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tezo, you just delivered a knockout punch to this old old old old old debate...

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Im not saying either player

Im not saying either player is by far better than the other and anybody saying that is completely bias. Yeah rose is taking a lot of shots, but his team needs them. Stop saying westbrook is a turnover guy when rose has just as many with way less assists which makes his worse these guys are very close in talent and both have bright futures but to say one is clearly better than the other is just flat out hating. the reason the bulls got better is because they got smart and started hinrich which i've been saying in the beginning of the year witch people disagreed(tezo)! thats when rose is at his best with hinrich

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