West Standings

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West Standings

If Memphis and OKC ended up fighting for the last playoff spot in the end of the season, who do you see winning it? I'm not too sure but I think it could be OKC

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Dont count out Houston

Dont count out Houston either
But i like OKC to get it

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I am rooting for OKC. I want

I am rooting for OKC. I want to see Durant in the playoffs. Not a lot of people get to see him play, it could be a coming out party for him, so to speak.

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I think Memphis would get

I think Memphis would get in, they have a good post game and good perimeter scorers. They are very balanced, all that has to happen for the Thunder to lose is Durant to start playing bad, If that is possible.

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Much more well rounded team, okc relies too much on durant.

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i see memphis because they

i see memphis because they have a better well rounded team

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OKC gets little scoring in the low post, while Memphis has Randolph and Gasol. Like it was said above... Memphis has more options and is the more well rounded team. If Randolph doesn't have it going, they can go to Gay. If Gay doesn't have it going, they can go to Mayo. If Mayo doesn't have it going, they can go to Gasol. They have so many options.

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