Who is the best?

Personally i like playing off the ball by running off screens for jumpers, probably has something to do with Reggie being my favorite player.

However who do you guys think is the best player currently at playing without the ball and who has the potential to be the best?

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Allen and Hamilton were

Allen and Hamilton were great but right now i would say Ben Gordon. I read in an interview with Kevin Durant that he felt he was the hardest guy to keep up with running off-screens.

As far as potential goes i would say Eric Gordon or Xavier Henry.

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festar....all good choices

I would say they are all very good without the ball...but I would haveta give it to Rip....I once read that he runs close to 2 miles every game bc he works so hard without the ball...To be able to do that and then have such an automatic mid range game is very impressive

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man i dont understand why

man i dont understand why the jazz wouldnt want a combo of rip plus a rookie for boozer.... he would be so good there...

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I think it's James Anderson.

I think it's James Anderson. He's the best player in college basketball at moving without the ball from what I've seen.

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