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I was wondering what type of player do you guys think Young Money will turn out to be. I have always been high on this kid since he was in high school. I was living in Milwaukee when he got drafted and no one believed me when I told them they just got a steal. His 55pt game changed their minds and they started calling him an all-star, ROY, and some wanted a statue built for him outside of the Bradley Center.

Since then his shooting has taken a nose dive. I think he has the 2nd worst FG% among starters in the league. In fact in the 46 games he has played, he has only shot better than 50% in 7 games; that is terrible.

Even though his shooting numbers have fallen dramatically, his assist numbers are up and his turnovers are down. He is lightning quick and can get to rack whenever he wants. The knock on him was always his shooting but obviously he can shoot. Is it just a matter of confidence? There is absolutely no pressure in Milwaukee as far as the Bucks are concerned.

My question is, do you think he will eventually just be a pass first PG who avg like 17pts 8ast or will he become more of a shoot first PG like Rose is turning into?

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I think he will always be

I think he will always be considered a scorer but he would thrive as a pass first type point. Jennings simply excites me when i watch him, he is just so smooth and flashy. He will get in a few allstar games just because of his highlight plays.

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how fast everything changes,

how fast everything changes, two months ago almost everyone believed he was an allstar and future's we are talking about 17&

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i think of him as a pass

i think of him as a pass first pg, who will put up big scoring numbers once in a while. His peak years will imo be around 19-21ppg and 10-11 assists per game

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The thing is he is still

The thing is he is still getting the looks he had earlier in the year, and still getting by his opponents, his shots just aren't falling. I think from an individual statistics standpoint his career may be a bit like Tony Parker. He also will be deadly if he perfects his floater as Parker has. BJ also doesn't get many calls when he goes to the rack, but if he continues to do so he should get to the line and attempt around 6-7 FT's/Game. He should also make an all-star game here and there. I think it's pretty telling when his assist numbers have increased, looking at the guys on his team. No real threats beside Jennings, Bogut, and recently Delfino. Ilyasova and Warrick put up a nice offensive games here or there, but they really need some help on that end.

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If they could get a good

If they could get a good perimeter/slasher G/F I think it would help him out so much

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