Willie Warren

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Willie Warren

Is this guy really worth using a first round pick on. Jodie Meeks was taken in round 2 and I see the same for Willie Warren. I don't see the two any different both are pure scorers and Willie Warren is just a SG on the small side, he is not a PG by any means. Thoughts??

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Willie Warren is only a

Willie Warren is only a Sophomore, and he has only just switched to PG give him time. He may come back to OU next year and decide that he is a natural SG and play the way we know he can.

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At best in the next level he

At best in the next level he can play a little bit of PG, but no way as a full time starting PG. He can be a great combo guard / undersized SG. Willie still mainly plays SG this year, and TMG (Tony Mason Griffin) plays the PG, and the team runs a whole lot more efficiently with TMG running the show. Warren seems to haven taken a step back, his shot selection is poor, he is turn-over prone + out of control at times, also from the several games I've seen him play he seems like a headcase. His demeanor and attitude on the court was negatively affecting his team and coach. Seems a bit immature and gets frustrated very easily, and thats when he becomes a blackhole. His defense can also be not that noticeable... BUT he is still young so he has time to grow as a person and basketball player hopefully. I don't know why his shot isn't dropping this season...his form is solid, he has a nice handle and athleticism is there too just seems like it's not going his way this season. Willie seems to have more ceiling than Meeks though with the ability to be a play maker. Willie has shown the ability to be very crafty and play with intelligence in the just wondering if year of frustration will affect his growth as a player.

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If his point guard abilities

If his point guard abilities were better i would be high on the guy but as of know he is a bit of a chucker. no bueno.

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