Celts issues and possible trade idea

the celtics went into this season as the eastern conference favorites based on the big 3...the big 3 "ifs"

#1 - if kg's need holds up
#2 - if age doesn't catch up to their core
#3 - if they bench production close to what they got in 07-08.

so far they've struggled with all 3 ifs. kg's knee has caused him to miss games and when he is playing he isn't nearly as explosive. all 3 of the "big 3" are showing they're age. and unfortunately, wallace has been inconsistent and daniels has been hurt so the bench has suffered.

someone else in another forum wrote they should trade kg or wallace instead of allen. no way. ray allen has an expiring contract at 18+ mil. that's like crack to other gms. garnett has more years and more money and he's hurt. u can't get much for him. sheed's contract is much smaller, but for more years AND they could only get back HALF the value of what he's pd this year. the only "big splash" move they can make would have to invole allen. but keep in mind it's not impossible (although it is illgeal) to trade allen with the understanding that whoever gets him will buy him out and he'll come back to the celtics after 30 days.

a trade that might work is allen to NYC for l. hughes and j. jeffries. let me explain:

hughes - would give the celts an athletic perimeter defender who can start OR come off the bench and play major minutes. also, he can handle the ball create his own shot. even though he's also in his early 30's, he's played most of his career on cruise control so he should have plenty left in the tank. also his 12 mil is expiring in june

jeffries - would give a poor man's (very poor) version of what they want out of kg and sheed, a big pf who can defend other 4's that play away from the basket (i.e gasol, odom, r. lewis, josh smith). and NY is so desperate to get his 6+ mil off of next year's cap, they'd do this trade with no hesitation AND agree (under the table) to buyout ray and waive him.

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