Wally Szczerbiak

How much can the Cavs pay him? They have his bird rights so I think they could go over the cap limit to sign and trade him. If they could sign him for around 13 million that would make a trade with the sixers a lot easier. Iguodala and Dalembert add up to about 24 million which would be hard to match unless we could combine Wally's 13 and Z's 11.

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It is very hard to read the statement, 'if they can sign him for 13mil' and not feel bad about my life.

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if wally signed a 13 million

if wally signed a 13 million contract just to make a trade work, there would be a lot of pissed off players in the league.

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I would be pissed if i was a

I would be pissed if i was a player but is it legal?

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if i was wally .... welll a

if i was wally ....
welll a man can dream....

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