who is better Derrick rose or Rajon rondo, who would u start your team with

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who is better Derrick rose or Rajon rondo, who would u start your team with

who is better Derrick rose or Rajon rondo, who would u start your team with
Add the reason for your choice and base your opinion on all facts and not just stats

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Rose v. Rondo

i have to say Rose based off the assumption that if their roles were reversed, i think the Celts would improve while the Bulls would not...i think Rondo is in a perfect situation to succeed and i like his game, but i really think Rose is a more talented player

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As much as I like Rondo, Im

As much as I like Rondo, Im gonna have to say Rose. Rondo has played his career with 3 possible HOF players. At any given moment he is on the floor, he has scoring options. His whole team is very solid and that helps him succeed. Rose on the other hand is playing with a lot of young blood and lacks a primary scorer on his team. He makes that team go.

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Rose is better

Rose is the better player he has a better jumpshot he hits his freethrows and he is also a better scorer Rondo seems to pass up on scoring opportunities I think as of right now rondo is the better passer but also he plays on a much better team and he has to do a lot less than Rose, Rondo is also a better defender. But with that being said I think Rose is the better player he has the it factor.

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I like Rose a lot, but I'd have 2 go with Rondo. He is just as quick as Rose and he has won a championship. People say that he had a great supporting cast but without him, the Celtics wouldn't have been able 2 win a championship because the supporting cast wouldn't have been able 2 do the things that they had done during their championship run.

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Rose....Put Rondo on the

Rose....Put Rondo on the Bulls team and they wouldnt be as good as they right now....Rondo is throwing the ball to 3 hall of famers....Rose is the better player. If Rose was on the Celtics they would win the Championship this year.

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I'll take Rose for my

I'll take Rose for my Pistons, they need a number 1 option and a good true point guard even though they could use Rondo's defense I would rather have a #1 option for the end of the game

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I would pick derrick rose

I would pick derrick rose hands down just because of the heart factor. nobody playing has more heart than him and that fight can do so much for you in a basketball game. He's also alot more explosive than rondo. rondo is more of a smooth player which isnt a bad thing but everyone makes his game 10 times easier for him by playing way off trying to bait him to shoot they basically let him walk into the paint every possesion which i dont understand if somebody would just guard him straight up the game wouldnt be so easy for him all the time

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rondo is better

rose might be more athletic then rondo but i don't think he has a feel for the game like rondo does. rose shot is better jumpshot but its not overwhelmingly better. rondo is one of the best passers in the game if not thee best passer in the game, also he's in my mind the best defensive pg in the league and the best rebounding pg in the league. if the roles were reversed i think rondo wouldve got the bulls the 6th seed last year instead of the 8th seed. don't get me wrong rose is legit but i give the edge to rondo

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Can't go wrong

Can't go wrong with either, i would say they're both in the same class ability wise.

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im going with rose,

im going with rose, westbrook, wall, holiday, and brandon jennings over rondo. the guy cant shoot and i still wont believe he is a superstar point guard until the big 3 are gone and it is his team. im not saying he is terrible but i just dont know if he is elite with those 3 guys taking alot of pressure off of him. i mean if u r guarding allen, pierce, or garnett are you going to leave them to double rondo? i doubt it and thats why rondo can get to the rim with no jumper.

point is i have to see it to believe it. and i cant see it until garnett, allen, and pierce are gone.

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