Raptors vs Knicks

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Raptors vs Knicks

I watched hte whole game and this is what i saw


Hedo Turkoglu finally played a good game, a great game even
He looked confortable and hit his shots
about time.

26 pts, 11 rebs

Chris Bosh had another good game.
Rebounded the ball well and just used his skill set to dominate.
27 pts, 15 rebs

Bargnani had a bad game, got into foul trouble and didnt hit his shots.
2 pts, 3 rebs

Jack and Calderon both did their thing..
Jack hit teh go ahead shot late, then a free throw to put them up 2, then on the otehr end took a charge with 1 second left to win the game.
Both played solid.

Antoine Wright really helps this team out.
He plays awesome defense, an hit open jumpers.

13 pts, 5 rebs

Amir Johnson played great.
He hustles and has a pretty soft touch inside, great rebounder.
He fouled out.

10 pts, 7 rebs


You cannot leave Gallinari alone, great stroke, a top 5 3pt shooter in the league for sure..
he can also put it on the floor and creat for himself and his teammates.

18 pts, 7 rebs

Jared Jeffries is not good .

David Lee is a freak.
How he didnt make the all star game is a complete mystery.
Hustles, rebounds, plays D, good offensive game
good finisher, great mid range jumper

29 pts, 18 reb
Al Horford? Really?

Wilson Chandler is loaded with potential.
He is very athletic, and can shot the ball a little too.
He can be a solid #2 option in the future.

Duhon didnt do much..
Robinson was ok, took 14 shots for 14 pts, but he is still be tter than Duhon.

Al Harrington played well.
He was the go to guy down the stretch getting and and-1 and a huge 3 to put give them a lead with a minute left.
Solid rebounder, and a great stroke.
20 pts, 7 rebs.

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I love how you got into detail about pretty much everyone. then.... "Jared Jefferies is not good". Seems too civilized a syntax for this website. I actually L'd O L

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Jeffries played well before

Jeffries played well before getting hurt, if Duhon was a decent scorer the Knicks would make the playoffs easily.
D'antoni has to give Hill and Douglas more time to see what they can do, right now this team probably falls short of the playoffs.

I wish Al Harrington would trust his mid range game more, everything is either a 3 or a drive to the hoop.

Lee definately got snubbed he's easily an All Star.
Having guys like Iverson start is a joke but thats who the fans want to see.

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