top 10 athletes????

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top 10 athletes????

How can you make a list of top athletes in nba history and not include guys like

1. Charlie Ward (hiesman)
2. Barkley (enough said)
3. Hakeem (fastest center ever
4. David Thompson (mr.alley oop)

Just a couple of great athletes that nobey had on their lists and claim to be fans. I only put Ward on that list because he dominated another sport and made it to the league that's a true athlete

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If you wanna mention guys

If you wanna mention guys that our great that no one talks about don't mention Hakeem the dream and the round mound Barkley you must be insane to say they are not mentioned. Maybe by your friends that know nothing about sports...If you wanna talk about athletes not talked about lets get Fat Lever into the conversation, he was one of the greatest players to ever play and I highly doubt you even know of his exsistence.

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