Wolves wont trade Rubio to Knicks because they have nothing to offer

So Your Saying There's A Chance?: Minnesota president David Kahn was clear several weeks ago that he would not trade any of his core roster players, saying that the goal was to give them a full season under the current system and evaluate needs and fit from there.

Last night in New York, Kahn altered his stance just a little, saying there was at least one scenario in which he could see making a deal.

"Someone calls up with a deal that's so preposterously one-sided, we'd have to do it."

Kahn told Chris Sheridan of that the rumors of him discussing trades involving his franchise center Al Jefferson were untrue and that he and Al had a discussion about the rumors and the two have an understanding on where things are.

"I think Al actually backed up exactly the conversation we had face-to-face in Denver a couple of weeks ago, and that was as follows: 'Al, I am not looking to trade you, and that's the truth. I haven't made one phone call all year long proposing a deal that involved Al Jefferson, and I won't do so this year,' " Kahn said.

"I also said 'At the same time, Al, you know, though, that I can't control this totally. If somebody calls and makes us an offer that is so obvious, we have to do it. And he said 'Of course, I know that, David. You can never promise that.'"

"I feel the kid is doing everything that is asked of him by the coaching staff," Kahn said. "He's playing defense better than he ever has in his career, he's looking to pass out of double teams. They've asked him to do much more with his game, and he's doing it in a year when he's recovering from a very significant knee injury. So it would be total insanity on our part, because this is a year that's important to figure out who we are. Neither Kurt (Rambis) nor I was here before, so this year is very much from a discovery standpoint, that's what we need to do."

Kahn continues to preach patience with the development process of his roster and said while a 'knock your socks off' offer could change things, he did not want to rush to make change and regret it later.

"In this league you can make some terrible decisions when you make them hastily, without full information, or letting people evolve. We won't do that here," Kahn said.

There have been rumors of the Knicks having renewed interest in trading for the draft rights to Minnesota's Ricky Rubio, who is likely going to be in Spain for at least two more seasons.

Kahn said it's been a while since he's talked with the Knicks about Rubio and even then he didn't see how a deal worked for Minnesota.

"Donnie and I have talked a grand total of three times in the last nine months (about Rubio)," Kahn said to Marc Berman of the New York Post. "From the moment we talked, I said to him -- and I mean no disrespect to the Knicks or Donnie -- what kind of trade can they possibly propose?"

"There is just no way," Kahn said of a deal happening.

The Timberwolves feel like Rubio is still the smartest long–term asset to have from the 2009 draft class, that was available to them, and based on his play this season in Spain, he is proving to be the player the Wolves thought he'd be.

The Wolves continue to say they are not going to make a major deal before the trade deadline, but most teams feel like the Wolves are open for business, which is why there are so many rumors linked to them.

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