Demarcus Cousins is the best big man in NCAA

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Demarcus Cousins is the best big man in NCAA

This kid will be near the top of all mocks in a month or two more, just watch.
He's 6"11, 260+, and he PRODUCES. His stats per minutes played are even more impressive than John Walls.
Look at what the kid does when he get minutes, like last night. 27 pts, 12 rebs, and 3 blocks. So often he only gets 19-20 minutes and is still putting 18 and 13 type nights consistently.
I've watched plenty of his games, Favors games, Ed Davis. He's flat out better than either of them, and I'm far from a Kentucky fan.
It's time this kid starts getting his due, he's the best big in college basketball, you watch at the end of the year, he'll be in the top 3 mix.

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top five pick

i couldnt agree more with you
every mock should have him at top 5.they will do it eventually,when they wake up
favors is a top 10 pick
e.davis is a top 15 pick

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Greg and Conley were 1 and 4, so it would be the new record if COusins would go in top3??

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Ha Ha he would tear a whole

Ha Ha he would tear a whole in Favors if they played against each other this year

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my comparison for Demarcus

my comparison for Demarcus Cousins is Chris Kaman

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dont be suprised(at the end

dont be suprised(at the end of the season) if cousins leads kentucky in scoring, rebounding, blocks. right now he leads kentucky in rebounding and blocks. 2nd to wall in scoring (17 to wall, 16 to cousins) only 1 point seperate. cousins is the only threat to john wall for freshmen of the year honor. if he leads kentucky in scoring, rebounding and blocks in lesser minutes, will they still give the freshmen of the year honor to wall?

freshmen of the year deserve top 3 pick in nba draft

2nd best freshmen deserve top 5 pick.

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If he got the same mins as

If he got the same mins as wall people would say he is the best player on that team. This guy is a lot better than avertised I think he could be the number 1 pick if it wasnt for his teammate. This guy dominates the paint on both ends every game. I think he will be a great 4 man in the league for a long time and people might wonder why they picked wall over him as we have seen over the years a dominat bigman is the most important thing on the court. Wall is just like Westbrook and anybody that nows about my posts I love Westbrook but nobody says he should have been the number 1 pick. Wall is great in the open court but struggles with turnovers and playing in the half court game and for him to be a pure point 4 turnovers a game aren't great. As of right now Cousins would be my number 1 pick point guard dont make or break a team look at all the good ones in the league now how many are on a top team? How many rings do they have?

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My comparison for Cousins is

My comparison for Cousins is Al Jefferson at best, and Marreese Speights at worst

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al jefferson or jermaine o

al jefferson or jermaine o neal at best (if coach allow him to play outside)

dampier at worst

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Cousins= Al Horford but i think he will be more productive

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Horford is one of the most

Horford is one of the most athletic centers in the league. Cousins is fat and slow and a lot more skilled.

Interesting column on the situation. 

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