Da'Sean Butler Interview

Tue, 01/26/2010 - 10:00pm
By: Josh Cochran  

Morgantown, WV -- I had a chance to sit down with West Virginia's star senior guard, Da'Sean Butler, following a 71-65 win over Ohio State.  Many experts see him as a second round pick in the upcoming 2010 draft.  While he doesn't possess elite athleticism or explosiveness, he's an effective all-around player that's going to be a solid contributor at the next level.  During our discussion, we not only discovered that he visits, but he also has a good sense of humor:  

Da'Sean ButlerDa'Sean Can you talk about your experience this summer, playing with such a good group of guys and playing in a difficult environment in Serbia?

Da'Sean Butler: It was an honor for me just to get picked up and to get the opportunity to play with guys like Deon Thompson, Evan Turner, Robbie Hummel, Corey Fisher and guys like that.  It was an honor, they're great players.  Some of them are the top players in the country, by far.  Serbia was fun in a way, and it was very difficult being that everybody was very hostile towards us.  But, we took it for what it was and went out there and played as hard as we could.  Grant it, we didn't come back with the gold, but it was a good experience.  I was just happy to go out there and get the experience of playing against some really good players overseas.  They have some really good players over there.  And taking the experience to meet new players and make new friends.  It was a great experience overall. What are your early impressions of the Big East, and where you think this team is?

Da'Sean Butler:  I think the Big East is doing better than people expected it to since we lost so much (talent).  We still have great players and teams in this league.  I mean people picked Pitt to be last and they're in first place in the conference.  It's just a conference that the teams at the bottom are just as good as the teams at the top and it's just a good conference to be in.  As for the team, we still have a lot to work on, but we still are a good team.  We still have a lot to bring to the table as far as winning games and being successful as a team.  We still have to work on executing our offense.  I think we do a pretty good job on defense and rebounding.  But if you can't make shots, it's kind of difficult for us to stay in games.
Who have you played against or are you going to play that you look forward to the most?

Da'Sean Butler: Syracuse was a lot of fun although we lost that game on a terrible heave.  It was a really good game and I enjoyed it.  I'm kind of looking forward to playing Syracuse and Purdue later in the season.  Hopefully we'll play Syracuse in the Big East Tournament and Purdue down the road in the NCAAs.  I would say Cincinnati will be a big one to watch, because I'm looking forward to playing them this year.  Honestly I can't think of a team that we don't want to play.  Because every team has a lot of great players and great coaches.  I'm just looking forward to trying to win out. You had a chance to play with Evan Turner this summer, what was it like going against him today?

Da'Sean Butler: It was a great experience.  He's a great player.  As far as tryouts (University Games), I had to guard him everyday, which sucked.  But, luckily I made the team.  He's a very versatile player.  He can score off the bounce.  That's his thing, he can really score off the bounce as far as one dribble pull-ups or getting into the paint and just finishing around the basket.  He's just really crafty and he has a knack for scoring.  He knows how to use his body and that's my favorite kind of player.  A guy that might not have the greatest athletic ability, he has good athletic ability, but he's probably not the fastest player in the world or the best ball-handler but he knows how to use his body really well to get shots. For NBA fans that may not be as familiar with your game, what are you looking to bring to the table next year in the NBA?

Da'Sean Butler: I may not be high flying or the best athlete or the fastest guy in the world, but I do what I can do to get the ball in the basket.  I play defense, I work hard.  I probably work harder than anybody that you put in front of me, you know.  That's pretty much all I would say about myself, because I'm not one to talk about myself anyway.  What's up with the Rasual Butler comparison though (laughing)? That wasn't me (also laughing).  It's the last name, good comparison.

Da'Sean Butler: I'm just joking. Thanks for taking the time, I appreciate it.  We'll be seeing you this summer.  

Da'Sean Butler: I hope so. 
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His attitude has worked for

His attitude has worked for Steve Nash. Also, I dont really like the Rasual Butler comp either...

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i dont like how every player

i dont like how every player without elite athleticism says that all they'll be able to contribute to an NBA roster is doing the dirty work...this guy has averaged 17 ppg for like 3 straight years why cant he be a 12 ppg type guy in the league? idk

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