just heard a rumour about amare going to minny.. kahn said big al is the only guy untouchable on the team. So my best guess at a trade for this is:
Phoenix trades: Amare
Minny trades: Love, Rubio, and Cardinal

with love they try to do the same thing they did with shaq, but this will work better cause love can run better, shoot better, and can outlet pass the length of the court. Rubio is Nash's heir and will train him to be one of the best point guards in the league. Cardinal is just fill in. Phoenix gets cap relief.

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I like it for the Suns, but may only be because I like Love more than Jefferson and Rubio is one of my favorite players.

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The Suns would shit themselves if they could get Love & Rubio for Amare...This was reported on ESPN earlier, but I don't see how thats a fair trade from Minny's POV...They lose a great asset and a player that has a bright future for a guy thats going to have the same problems with Amare and Jefferson as their already having with Love and Jefferson

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What a dumb move. Love is better then Jefferson personally and i thought Rubio would have gotten them better. Amare isn't resigning in minnesota. Suns would love this.

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teams only want amare if he resigns.. nobody will trade for him unless he resigns.. maybe the suns throw in a first rounder too..

i think amare/jefferson will do better than love/jefferson because amare is more athletic and can block shots..

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You have to understand that Jefferson/Love will never win you a championship. You have a better shot at winning with Amare who can help from the weak side on the defensive end. I'm not saying Amare is a good low post defender but he can atleast block shots unlike Love. Rubio is never going to come to MN, he was drafted to be used as an assest. Khan is smart, he pick Rubio before Flynn so he can pay Flynn less knowing Rubio would not come and he would be able to use him in a trade in the future because everyone wanted Rubio.

You never know what Khan is up too. I'm thinking he wants to move Amare to another team and just trading to get
Amare as another assest.

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terrible for minnesota. Love

terrible for minnesota. Love will be a all-star and is still 21 years old. You could argue he has been almost as good as amare this season. Rubio get's no credit around here, but he still a very promising prospect. No way you give up both those guys for amare who is gonna be a free agent and might leave. If Minny wanted him so bad, they could just sign him this summer since they have th emoney and keep two of their building pieces. Suns know they are lsoing amare and they would crap their pants if they could get love and rubio for him.

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