Mock Draft 2.0

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Mock Draft 2.0

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I'll grade by lottery

1. Duh
2. Duh
3. If the W's want a big now they will go for a vet, they need a small forward
4. Way too high, I don't think they will want another combo since they just lost one that didn't get them anywhere, a big is needed
5. If he falls that far yeah
6. They need big potential guys, Aminu if they want a wing, Donatas or Favors if they want a big
7. Yes
8. Sure, but Aldrich or Cousins fits better
9. If he falls that far
10. Sure
11. Yes
12. Cousins wont fall pas them
13. If he falls that far, otherwise best center available
14. He wont fall this far, otherwise Monroe or another athletic 4 is nice. If none available best 4 or center/forward available

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