Espn's NBA draft machine...what to think...

ESPN recently unveiled the lottery machine and there are some things that I seriously question

1. Willie Warren will not crack the top 10 and at default he is number 8
2. Ed Davis is constantly top 5, this is just as weird as Warren
3. Wesley Johnson is too low stock wise and Favors too high
4.Alabi and Udoh (who?) above Sanders, Ebanks,Bradley and Monroe?
5.Someone PLEASE tell who Udoh is
6. Off topic questions.... how high is Bradley/Ebanks' stocks as of now? Do you think they will be in the lottery?
7.Do you THINK Whiteside leaves this year?


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Ekpe Udoh- He plays for

Ekpe Udoh- He plays for Baylor. Personally I think is overrated/overhyped significantly.  Seems more like a late 1st round pick to me. I wouldn't pick him in the way.  

Ebanks for the most part has been sleepwalking throughout the season. His stock has been dropping at least some & deservedly so. He should go back to go school but if he enters the 2010 draft than I think he is a mid 1st round pick.

Avery Bradley's stock is fairly high right now.  He has showed a lot of potential & played well considering he is a freshman.  Playing for a top 5 team in Texas has helped boost his stock. He should go back to school but if he enters the 2010 draft I think he is a late lottery pick.

Yes, I think Whiteside will leave & enter the 2010 draft.  I saw him play, he appears to be the real deal.

I'm not a fan of Willie Warren. I think he should be a mid to late 1st round pick. However if a GM thinks he can be a PG than he could easily crack the top 10. 

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I always find Chad Fords

I always find Chad Fords mock drafts interesting...

I dont know about Davis at 4, his stock has dropped...and hes just not a top 5 talent anymore

Surprised to see Monroe out of his lottery...
Not so surprised about Ebanks....hes an overrated guy imo

Yeah, Warren has worked his way out of the top 10, i think him and Bradley should swap places(meaning Bradley should go on the lottery, and Warren...should come off)

As for Udoh, hes a great talent imo, but like gatorheels said....not sure about lottery, i like him, personally though

&I also think Whiteside will enter the draft this year, and be a top 8 pick, potential is high, but i think he'll be completely irrelevant his first 1-3 years in the NBA

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I keep

I keep telling people Johnson isn't going top 3, especially if Whiteside comes out. Chad Ford agrees with my fellow posters that Aminu goes after Johnson, though only one spot later at #6. I still maintain that Aminu is at least Johnson's equal at the next level only younger.

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He also thinks Udoh will be a lottery pick

So yeah.........

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