Best Amtuers Available

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Best Amtuers Available

I'm in a dynasty BB League and we have a 3 round amatuer draft ever year. I wanted to see where people would rank the available players. The following players can't be drafted because they have already been drafted, J. Wall, D. Favors, B. Knight, G. Monroe, T. Wroten, E. Davis, D. Cousins, and R. Rubio.

So I wanted to see where you would rank the remaining players. Where would Harrison Barnes and Michael Gilchrist fall. Mind you these are all long term projections because you can keep these players forever in this league. I'm thinking the ranking would fall something like this for the top ten.

1. Harrison Barnes
2. Evan Turner
3. Wes Johnson
4. Michael Gilchrist
5. Al-Farouq Aminu
6. Avery Bradley
7. Austin Rivers
8. Hassan Whiteside
9. Donatas Motiejunas
10. X. Henry

So basically what I'm looking for is a list of players who have the best shot at being capable nba players from all the amateur and international players avaliable. Let me know what you think.

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is will barton...??? kidd is a young t-mac

the lake show
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its hard because no one on

its hard because no one on here has seen alot of each players games. they dont play on tv alot , some not at all. and im sure no one is flying to every city to watch these guys play. im guessing on average people have seen maybe one full game of all the players combined( in hs)

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I dont know much

about some of these guys but based on potential and what I have heard..I would with Michael Gilchrist, Austin Rivers and Evan Turner

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What about rahkeem christmas. I saw him play today in person, he is such a good athlete, a good shot blocker, and has gotten so much better in highschool

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