OJ Mayo

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OJ Mayo

Man are the grizzlies rolling, and I've been loving OJ's play. Where do you guys think his career will end up? 2-3 future all-stars? maybe a 22-5-4 guy in the future? Am I overestimating/underestimating?

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OJ will be at least a 5 time

OJ will be at least a 5 time All-Star, I can see a season or 2 of 25ppg+ and 22-4-6 as his career average.

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I think your spot on with

I think your spot on with what you think he'll produce at.....Hes a beast, I think he will get better and be a solid all star, great mid range game

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I really love Mayo's game.

I really love Mayo's game. I still would like to see him be moved to point guard as I think he would truly excel there. Anyways, I understand why he plays the 2-guard as he is just a filthy scorer and great shooter. I think that in his prim he will be a 25-27ppg scorer while getting about 4-5 assists and rebounds per game. I see him making at least 4 All-Star games and should be viewed as an up an coming superstar in this league. He plays with a lot of poise and never seems rattled.

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the future after of SGs:

the future of SGs: Tyreke..then O.J...and then guys like Turner Gordon

offcourse this is just my personal opinion

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I think he will defintely become a 23ppg 5apg and 4rpg guy. The question is will he ever lead a team to a deep playoff run?
If they can resign Gay at the right price and keep their core together I think they can become a playoff team.

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i can see him as a 23 ppg, 5

i can see him as a 23 ppg, 5 rpg, 4 apg type guy a la ray allen when ray was a sonic...OJ has a very polished game, doesn't rush things, is professional, is learning how to share shots with rudy gay...

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with the right players

with the right players around him he can lead a team to a deep run just like other stars.o one does it alone. i keep thinking ray allen when i think about mayo. he's really showing how good he is and my comment a couple weeks back about the grizz taking that 8th spot from okc doesnt seem so obsurd now

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i think he wont get to the

i think he wont get to the elite scoring level until he starts going to the hole hard because he is a great shooter and if he made people worry about him going hard to the hole he would make it a lot harder to guard him cuz everybody knows he is going to take a couple dribbles then pull up. If he had somebody like evan turner a big guard to get them in the offense and guard the big guards and he could shut down most points he would be a much more effective player. He should pattern his game after the way ray allen played when he was with the bucks

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I think his stats will

I think his stats will probably be around what Joe Johnson puts up in ATL...About 22 ppg, 4 reb, 5 assists.

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