Golden State Warriors' Franchise probably one of the worst.

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Golden State Warriors' Franchise probably one of the worst.

While the Celtics have maintained repeatedly that they have no intentions of moving any of their core guys between now and the Feb. 18 trading deadline - and I believe 'em on this one - multiple league sources confirmed today that the Golden State Warriors are giving some thought to putting together a trade package that would involve Monta Ellis going to Boston in exchange for Allen.

A link from Do the richer honestly get any richer? What is going through the Warriors mind? Riley and Nelson gotta go. If the Warriors win the lottery, I'm going to feel bad for John Wall

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I hear you but that would

I hear you but that would mean good thing for Curry. But knowing the GSW, they would trade Wall for the power forward they wanted.

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We are F'n stupid

People on the fan websites are blowing up in anger about this idea. Although the W's main reporter who has been reliable for years tweeted that he isn't leaving. Not just Riley and Nellie but Cohan and Rowell and most of the coaching staff, and Radmonovic...

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