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Boston receive - Bosh,

Toronto receive - Garnett + 2010 first round pick and 2010 first round pick

Boston get a healthy a low post player who is less likely to get injured during their playoff campaign, and can be build around with rondo and perkins for the next gen Boston team

Toronto get a good player back for bosh before he leaves in FA, and draft picks

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I would do it but Garnett is

I would do it but

Garnett is still a better defender then Bosh. Garnett to Boston helped Boston's defense. Yea, he's probably on reliable for 35min a game and 65-70 games but those are some good performances when he does play.

I believe the C's should deal Ray Allen and I believe his contract is big enough to get back a high 1st round pick in 2010 or 2011

I believe the Raptors should deal Bosh because he is not staying to Toronto. I say deal him to NY for like D-Lee, Harrington and Cash or something like that

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Not bad but i doubt it would

Not bad but i doubt it would happen

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Garnett would eat every

Garnett would eat every player on the Raps alive...You really think he will be able to deal with their horrible D? No way.

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garnett doesn't wanna relive

garnett doesn't wanna relive minnesota all over again...

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