Hornets and Bulls

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Hornets and Bulls

I know it isnt a big deal but it my have a bigger impact than you think. I didnt see a previous post on it so I thought I would do it.

The Hornets and the Bulls pulled off a small trade today.

Bulls got:
Devin Brown

Hornets got:
Aaron Gray

What do you think of this trade?

It seems a little strange for the Hornets to trade a starter for an average, unproven big man. I know they desperately need a big but come on, Aaron Gray?? IDK much about him but I know he has been on the Bulls bench for years. He was pretty good at Pitt but he is unproven in the NBA. They gave up a pretty good scorer for a large man. I know they like Thornton but is he ready to start?? IDK....

This trade is pretty average for the Bulls. They have a pretty weak guard rotation and they added a pretty good scorer and a good 3 point shooter. He plays pretty good defense and could battle for a starting position. Adding range with a good 10-15 points a night seems pretty good for a bench player. Gray didnt ever see the floor and they got a role player. Not a huge player but pretty good pickup. Maybe under the radar.

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They are really thin at C/PF, but Aaron Gray? I guess they think he could be good

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Mo pete going to start again???

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Im thinking the Bulls are

Im thinking the Bulls are going to pull off another trade using either Deng,Salmons,Hinrich,Tyrus and Brad Miller,draft picks. A combination of those players could be dealt for Stoudemire.

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Marcus Thornton will most

Marcus Thornton will most likely start.

This also means NO is only needing to shed $400K to get under the luxury tax number, so it is a rather safe assumption that they'll be making one more move before the deadline.

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why the trade happened

the hornets are slowly tryin to get under the cap
they only need like 400,000 more to be under
and they are high on thorton and thinks he can feel the scoring void...because he was scoring 9 points in 18mins a game

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hornets make another deal:

hornets make another deal: bobby brown traded to the clippers. -

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I guess they just don't like

I guess they just don't like Browns.

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