Zach Randolph and his Reputation VS. The Western Conference Coaches

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Zach Randolph and his Reputation VS. The Western Conference Coaches

Zach Randolph is having an All-Star season no doubt about it, and is leading a young grizzlies team in the playoff hunt. However, there is one problem that everyone is forgetting for his all-star candidacy. The problem lies in his reputation around the league. Randolph has been a guy that most teams have stayed away from and is a guy who is considered a black hole as well as a guy who just does help winning teams win. now he is on a winning team and is a big part of their success. Still, you have to wonder if he will get snubbed due to his reputation.

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You made a good point, and if he is having an All-Star season so are Carlos Boozer and Chris Kaman. Both are more respected and have stayed out of trouble.

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define respected, I have no

define respected, I have no little respect for Boozer. He promised Cleveland he would come back for 5 million if we turned down our option. In case you haven't noticed the Cavs don't have a respectable PF right now.

To the main point yes, Randolph should be an allstar. He is averaging 20 and 10 which, if you do it for your entire career and have a winning career, can get someone into the hall of fame.

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randolph has to be in the

randolph has to be in the all-star game. He deserves to be there more then kaman, boozer, Pau, Amare, or any other bigs in the west not named Duncan or Dirk. He has been great all year, and maybe he has turned himself around at the age of 28. I would be surprised if he didn't make it.

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i'm hoping he doesn't get cheated out of it. he's playing extremely well and just dominated in the paint. It's so awesome to watch him play along side gasol down low.

if he doesn't make it, then he was robbed a spot. good post clippers.

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I think it'll be the

I think it'll be the opposite. The fact that everyone knows his past reputation will get him into the game considering he's done a complete 180. Everybody has taken notice to the fact he's a different player this season. I think he's a lock.

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