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I am not high on either

I am not high on either player but they both have a chance to be good nba players. You certainly want to draft star players in the lottery but it is ok to draft a guy that doesn't become a star as long as they are productive. Example is Drew Gooden, he was a lotto pick, he never was a superstar but the guy is a pro and works hard. That is what I think you get out of Monroe and Johnson. Greg Monroe, I think is never an all star, I think his ceiling is like 15ppg 8rpg and 3 apg. Thats not a knock on Monroe, its actually a compliment. Teams need guys that can not have to take the shots all the time. I think Monroe will fit with any team he gets drafted to if he can knock down the 18ft and in jumpshot. And I think Monroe doesn't have a high ceiling but I dont think he has a high bust factor either. I think he produces well his rookie year and may not get much better statistically but will help a team win. Im not sold on Wesley johnson though, while he may have a high ceiling, I think he has a huge bust factor. You can tell me everything he does well, im just telling you that the skills he possesses doesn't spell success in the NBA. That being said Wesley Johnson gets drafted top 5 and Monroe goes top 12 because of the potential Johnson has.

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thats a pretty good

thats a pretty good assesment without hating just because you dont have a high opinion about him

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