Turkoglu's struggles

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Turkoglu's struggles

The Turkish Michael Jordan, Mr. Fourth Quarter. Those are just some of the many nicknames hedo Turkoglu occupies. After an amazing playoff run last year, Dwight Howard and the Magic made it all the way to the NBA finals, with the help of Hedo Turkoglu and his many clutch shots and flashy passes. After a loss to the Lakers, Hedo was traded in a 4 way deal to Toronto, where he was one of their biggest deals of the decade. The Raptors signed him to a 5-year 53 Million dollar deal, only to be one of the biggest disappointments since Darko Milicic. Last season with Orlando, Turk averaged 17 ppg, 5 assists and 5.3 rebounds per game, while being a very skilled big man that can handle the ball, shoot the three and pass the ball well. So far this season in Toronto, Hedo has been a big disappointment. His averages have gone down, He has not been able to hit any late game shots and it seems he is not putting any effort in. Any thoughts?

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