When Kobe retires..

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When Kobe retires..

Would Kevin Durant be on the Laker's radar? Or anyone else that you have in mind.

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No..because he'll have a

No..because he'll have a 10-century, 1000 billion dollar contract via the Thunder

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possile..only because thats

possile..only because thats how the lakers seem to work. they had wilt, kareem ,shaq, gasol, and took kobe before he even played in the nba. they always seem to get someone. even if its not durant it will probably be someone

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As much

As much as possible I don't like to think about Kobe retiring because players like him don't come that often... People should cherish the moments when Kobe, LBJ and D Wade are here because it's very hard to come up with special players like them...

Anyway, on Kevin Durant becoming a Laker, uhmmmmmmmm... The Lakers have been known for robbing TEAMS from their all-star players...namely, Wilt, Kareem, Shaq, Wilkes, Pau...just to name a few... I think Kevin can be on that list too if he wants to be... But I don't think the Thunder is foolish enough to give up someone like Durant...

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naw i would say carmelo

naw i would say carmelo because kobe kinda took him under his wing and he was kobes favorite teammate on the redeem team

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there is a 6th grader right

there is a 6th grader right now that the Lakers are grooming to be the next great! lol

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When do you guys see Kobe

When do you guys see Kobe retiring??? He turns 32 in August, and would be entering his 15th season in 2010-11. Kobe will be 37 if he plays 20 seasons, and I don't see him playing until he is 40. Yeah, so when do you see him retiring?? I would say after his 20th season which would be after the 2014-15 season. Just to add in for fun, I think he'll have 7 rings when he retires, one more than MJ.

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