no apologies in this business

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no apologies in this business

From retirement to all-star starter, Iverson makes no apologies for accepting start
By Dan Gelston (CP) – 1 hour ago

PHILADELPHIA — Allen Iverson makes no apologies for being voted to start in the all-star game and doesn't care about critics who say he doesn't deserve to be there.

Iverson was voted an Eastern Conference starter even though he's played only 20 games. The Philadelphia 76ers guard briefly retired after an ill-fated stint with Memphis, and his 14.4 scoring average is well off his career mark.

Iverson calls all the fan support a blessing and says playing in the game is a "no brainer." Iverson says fans have the right to vote any player into the game and he won't disrespect the ones who picked him by sitting out.

He says fans love him because he's never pretended to be perfect.

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I always loved

I always loved A.I....tremendous player to go along with his personality

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H e should not sit out

But the system has to change its dumb

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Not really, the All Star

Not really, the All Star Game is about who the fans want to see but sports people have turned it into a way to determine who was better. Stats show that and playoff wins. All Star game is about excitement and the fans getting what they want. Ray Allen is always crying and he has gone to some all star games that maybe someone was better and did not say nothing about that.

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The All-Star game is about

The All-Star game is about the fans, BUT... It's also about the players. The All-Star game is about excitement, but it goes on your playing resume as a career achievment. Iverson doesn't deserve it this year, but yet here he is in the game... Padding his accomplishments... This isn't a career achievement game. It's about what you've done the first half of the season. Iverson doesn't deserve it. Other players are more deserving. Rondo or Johnson should be starting alongside Wade, but since they're not... They'll be named reserves, which will push somebody deserving of being a reserve off the team.

The system needs to change. The NBA needs to make a few tweaks here and there with the voting to make sure deserving players are in the game. I mean, come on... Kevin Garnett a starter? Chris Bosh deserves it.

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