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Rudy Gay *

I was reading on yahoo sports that Chad ford apparently thinks rudy gay will be traded for 2 reasons, 1 being a team will try to sign him next summer and heisly wouldn't match, the other being the grizzlies are 22-19 and need a defensive presence to make the playoffs.

I do not care for chad and I'm going to just say he's trying to stir the league up with lame ass rumors. I'm tired of seeing one's like these. Utah is a possibility in trading for picks and such, brewer maybe, doubtful. I did read that prince from detroit and a lottery pick could be traded to the grizzlies for gay. As a huge rudy gay fan, I'm still not interested in such a trade.

1. rudy fits chemistry well and is only 23.
2. rudy is the 2nd highest scorer on the grizzlies....and can score from anywhere on the court.
3. rudy does play good defense, but is no lock down defender, don't get that confused...sigh.
4. rudy is having a great season and is a huge part of playing team ball for the grizzlies.

As a grizzly fan for so many years, I would hate to see gay go and would be very angry as a grizzlies fan. Hopefuly we got some people on here who don't want gay gone...I say the grizzlies should just match any offer next this point...look at how well they're playing...and no...they're not overachieving, I don't want to read that bull$hit anymore.

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Not sure as to why they

Not sure as to why they would look to trade Gay. But on the otherside I see why they would trade him if they want to save money.

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just think if the grizzlies

just think if the grizzlies had a point guard...sigh....

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