Gasol (and another cassel pic)

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Gasol (and another cassel pic)

First I must admit I am not unbias, I'm a Kings fan, so while I don't hate the Lakers as I once did, I'm not necessarily a big fan. I think I can still take my feelings out enough to be right when I say Gasol may be the least clutch all star in the league. Dude has skills obviously. I think he's a PF but that's besides the point. Twice this year I've seen him go 0 for 2 at the line at the end of a game in which he could have put his team ahead or tie the game. I'm talking final seconds where it's HUGE. Also we all know he isn't a powerful guy but how WEAK did he look trying to throw up that half hook put back? Got blocked and looked like Divac. You can't have that in the final minute. Add that to Derek Fisher being one of the worst starting pgs in the league and another ring is definitely no gimme. I know in the triangle your pg doesn't need to be great but he's not even playing solid D right now. It will be interesting to see how they do on the road. All those home games plus any road game against the Clippers may have skewed their record a little bit.

The last post I read had a link to a pic of Cassell...I made this for Kings Celtics (Celtics won by 45) I had floor seats next to Celtics bench and Gabe Pruitt and Brian Scalabrine loved it. I gave it to Scalabrine for a pair of shoes but KG broke the sign in the locker room...You may have to put the link in your browser instead of just click it. Then you have to DL the file...

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Looks like a movie poster, I suck at that kinda thing, nice job.
Agree about Gasol being weak, but that's been the knock on the whole Lakers team, that's why they got Artest. And Kobe, as good as that fade away is, isn't as scary without the driving ability. I also noticed Kobe guarding LeBron a lot more than the other way around, other than that I wouldnt put much stock in this game.

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nice pic. their is a small

nice pic. their is a small chance i pead.

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