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Xavier Henry ANother player hit by the confidence bug.....

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Re; Henry

I've watched about 4 games of Henry so far this year, and I must say that I'm thoroughly unimpressed. His shot selection is AWFUL for someone supposedly a top 8 pick this year. He does play the passing lanes pretty well, but has had trouble playing one-on-one defense against combo guards. Looking at him, he looks only above average for the NCAA level, making him a pedestrian athlete in the mold of Brandon Roy in the NBA. The potential is there, but I wouldn't say that he has more potential than Wes Johnson or Turner.

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Through the first 10 games

Through the first 10 games of the season I would have put him as a top 10 pick, but the last 8 or so I think he is more in the 15-25 range. He really needs to attack the basket more and not settle for spotting up beyond the arc. He fills gets in the passing lanes ( 7 steals vs Baylor) and is effective enough on D to be sufficient in the NBA, but I wouldn't call him a good defender yet. I think he has the potential to get it together before the season's over and get back in the top 10, he has all the tools but it's all in his head right now, he just needs to learn more and evolve as a player.

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Sometimes he seems like he

Sometimes he seems like he could be a Michael Redd type, but sometimes he seems like he seems like he could be like Morris Almond. I think he's gotta be more aggressive and develop a better ball handling arsenal. He's played good defense though so far...

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xavier's a top 10 pick in my

xavier's a top 10 pick in my opinion, he may not have the athleticism of demar derozan but watching him play u can only tell that hes going to get better..hes a MUCH better scorer then demar was in his freshman year

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He will bounch back. If a

He will bounch back. If a few bad games in a row hurts his confidence this much then he isn't mature enough for the nba.

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Brandon Rush 2.0

Brandon Rush 2.0

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