Want to watch some talented guards!

Florida @ Arkansas 9:00 PM ET ESPN

I told you all Courtney Fortson is a top 10 PG in college right now!  He isn't that great of a prospect because of his size & lack of an outside shot.  Still, this dude is a baller.  He will cross you over, take it to the rim at will.  Talk about a passer also, he will make you say EWWWW  If he was a couple inches taller & had a consistent jumpshot he would defnitely be a 1st round pick.

Also most people know about Rotnei Clarke.  This dude is lethal from deep range.  He has a quick release so even though he is only 6",he has no problem getting his shot off.  Definitely one of the top 10 3 point shooters in college.

Irving Walker is amazing.  To be able to make the plays he makes with only being 5-8" is impressive.  He can run a team, shoot it from deep, pass, penetrate, whatever you need.  If he was about 6-2" you are talking about a potential lottery pick. 

The 5 star recruit Kenny Boynton.  I won't go in detail here, most people have seen him play.  What I noticed in person about Boynton though is that he is a better athlete than he appears to be on TV & plays very very tough defense when he wants too.  His outside shot looks a little funky though but he can get hot from 3 point range.

I've seen those Florida guards play in person earlier this season.  I was really impressed.   

So this game will be really entertaining.  

Very talented Guards 

The battle of the small guards:

Irving Walker 5-8" & Kenny Boynton 6-2" VS. Courtney Fortson 5-11" & Rotnei Clarke 6-0"

Plus you get to see the big man for Arkansas- Michael Washington who is a potential 1st round pick in 2010. 

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Courtney Fortson is

Courtney Fortson is extremely fast. But also extremely out of control. He could develop into a Ronnie Price type player. A fast and energetic player that would be a good change of pace for a big, offensive minded PG.

Clarke shot is pure. He is the same guy that had 51 points earlier in the season. I haven't seen a release that pure and quick since Salim Stoudamire played at Arizona.

Kenny Boynton reminds me alot of your guy Rashad McCants, Gatorheels. His shot isn't falling tonight, but he of course is a great shooter and can be an intense on ball defender when he tries. Sounds alot like your guy.

Erving Walker has been everything you need in a PG, he's an outstanding shooter 1st and foremost, but he can do everything you need a PG to do. He's a top 10 PG in college in my eyes. Unbelievable talent.

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Bad comparsion.... Kenny Boynton is not like mcants.....that is totatlly false

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Fortson may be out of

Fortson may be out of control but when he makes the right plays they are breathtaking, nd I did not know Erving Walker was that fast and quick, dude got game 4real, and no way is fortson 5-11, he is about 5-9

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Overall it was a pretty even

Overall it was a pretty even matchup between the guard duos.  

Boynton & Walker combined for: 

40 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 steals, 2 turnovers, 4 fouls

Fortson & Clarke combined for:

31 points, 5 rebounds, 11 assists, 0 steals, 5 turnovers, 5 fouls 

You can see why it was such a close game.

Iggy- yeah Boynton is similar to McCants in that they both can play quality defense when they give the effort. That is where the comparison stops though.  McCants is taller, longer wingspan, more physical, & a much better shooter.  Boynton can play PG if needed, his ball handling is pretty good.  McCants can't play PG, his ball handling has always been mediocre.  

Boyton is not a great shooter.  He is purely a streaky shooter.  There are times when he shoots lights out but there are times when he hurts the team because he keeps chucking up bricks.  His form on his shot doesn't look good.

Michael Washington looked descent tonight.  I've seen him play a bunch over the years.  I just don't see him as a 1st round pick.  Maybe a early to mid 2nd rounder.  A team could fall in love with him in workouts though and take him late 1st I guess.  Taj Gibson went late 1st round last draft.  I don't think Washington is as good as Gibson though.  Washington is old too.  He is a Senior but I believe he is a year older than the average senior.  He doesn't have much upside.  He is probably just an energy player to bring off the bench in the league.  Jeff Pendergraph went early 2nd round last season.  I think Pendergraph is also better than Washington.

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