Dunk Contest Predictions

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Dunk Contest Predictions

First I think Demarr is gonna win the dunk in AND he is goin to win the dunk contest i think Brent Barry said it NBA TV derozan is the typical 6'6 6'7 athletic wing player in the Vince Carter T-mac Kobe mold (not saying he is gonna be as a good as any of them) but the last couple years have been gimmick dunkers a 5'8 dunker 7'0 dunker i think everyone wants to see an atheletic wingman win and I think Derozan has some tricks

The Field
Gerald Wallace- Although he did compete i dont think he has the same bounce he did a couple years ago
Shannon Brown- The best competition good one leg and two leg jumper big hands I just dont see him have any creativity
Nate Robinson- Its only so many things he can do
Gordon/Derozan- Dnt see gordan as a dunker

Your thoughts and opinions.............

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i agree , but i think

i agree , but i think shannon brown will give DeroZan a run for his money. But ya, i dont see Gordon as a dunker either..

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