O.J Mayo

as not many know i am a huge grizz fan
and i watch most the grizzly games on tv if im not there in person
i was seeing alotta guys say that mayo hasnt improved from last year becuz of stats....thats bologna, u have to see him play to actually apprciate how good he's become

mayo has the ball in his hands at critical parts of the game, in the clutch, its amazing how great his composure is seeing that he's only a 2nd year player, besides id rather him play the way he is, within the system, and win games than have the team as bad as it was last year and he average 23ppg while losing consistantly

so all yall who say he hasnt improved, watch a game or 2 before u pass that judgement

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mayo got off to a slow

mayo got off to a slow start, but no question he has been balling and has defenitely improved.

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yea the whole team got off

yea the whole team got off to a slow start, now they are gelling and mayo found his role, he's their big shot guy, and an improving 3pt shooter

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I was getting ready to say

I was getting ready to say the same thing. He got off to a slow start, but he has really picked it up. He's their best clutch player.

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He's def picked it up, but that happens with shooters, sometimes they fall into slumps that last a little while. He has had some nights where he hit a million on the Scoville scale. (That measures the hotness of sauce and I learned that today and had to use it in a sentence.)

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Also the fact that Z-bo

Also the fact that Z-bo arrived Gasol's improvment and Gay's emmergence somebodies touches had to go down I see him developing into there go to scorer but from what Ive seen hey go to zach alot down the stretch

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i feel ya. the same people

i feel ya. the same people who said that said it at the time when his numbers werent much different then they are now. not sure what slow start ya'll are talking about since other then his first game when he had 9 points his start was pretty damn good and he keeps getting better. right now hes prob tied for the best soph ( including wins as well as talent with westbrook) with rose and lopez tied for 2nd

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Kevin Love is still better.

Kevin Love is still better.

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I like K-Love too (huge

I like K-Love too (huge T-Wolves fan, tough lifestyle choice) but with Mayo we would have been so much better. Within the next year or so either Big Al or K-Love is probably going to be traded since neither one have the athleticism to play with the other. The one position we really need help at is SG and Mayo would have been the solution had we not traded him. I was so excited when we drafted him and then I woke up the next morning pissed off as a mofo. Mayo is a legit potential NBA star while I see K-Love being a very solid 20-10 guy potentially.

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Oj vs Kevin

There was a large gap in the trade beetween them the first year. Kevin was less nba ready than OJ.
Nobody would deny Kevin is one of the best rebounders on the league, his jumshot accuracy is improving also his overall game, i do believe Oj has also improved seeing him play (not looking a stats)
But i think last year everyone though it was just a crazy trade, but i think it seems relatively fair right now player for player.
( i agree minesota´s front court is really small and that Oj is a better fit right now, playing Kobe´s position on triangle offense)

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