Lebron's potential problem

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Lebron's potential problem

First off, I realize how great Lebron is as a player, i.e. unstoppable driving to the basket, great long-range shot @ 6-8", quickness, etc....but

At 7 years in the league he has always played with the same mind-set as he has now. Meaning that he is so ball dominate, will he ever break that habit in order to win a championship? Could he possibly develop the Iverson-type (I play my way) mentality if Mike Brown lets him?

I love to watch Lebron play, but seriously, they run an isolation set everytime in the half court with maybe a high screen coming up to give him more options. You can't win a championship like that, will he ever realize that? And I say "he" because he is clearly the coach on the team as well.

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His next step is to learn to

His next step is to learn to dominate from the low block which instantly elevates his team into championship contender HOWEVER i think Lebron can only win a title if he has a 2 guard that can put up 20 plus pts a la Scottie n Mike. Think about it Lebron in the post SG X dominating the perimeter floor spreading PG X and PF X defensive minded C X the exact mold of the Bulls championship teams. It is said big men wins championships if Lebron can learn to play like a big man combined with his guard skills and a high scoring 2guard I cant see why they wont win and Lebron potentially becoming the best player ever but until then.............

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