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What do you guys think of this idea. Since, the Knicks have Jared Jeffries who can guard the point guard. What about Lebron james playing the point guard. Then on defense they could be doing the zone they are doing now that is working. I think Lebron James could average a triple double in this system. Also Lebron James would be a great help side shot blocker.The starting lineup would be:

Pg-Lebron James
Sg-Wilson Chandler
Sf- Danilo Gallinari
Pf-Jared Jeffries
C-David lee

Then I think the Knicks should buyout Eddy Curry because he is a locker room cancer, is always injured, and does not fit the system. We should not bring back Duhon or Hughes because they does not fit the system very well and hughes is a whiner. I think they should bring back David lee and Nate Robinson because they are the soul of the team and add raja bell and Marcus Camby through free agency for some veteran leadership and I don't think they will be wanting big money. Also they should bring back Marcus Landry and Jonathan Bender who are good locker room guys. So the back ups would be:

Pg-Nate Robinson/Toney Douglas
Sg-Raja Bell
Sf-Jonathan Bender/Marcus Landry
Pf-Al Harrington
C-Marcus Camby/Jordan Hill

I think that could be scary with Lebron James playing Point guard I don't think you could stop that. What do you guys think?

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