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I can understand the

I can understand the difference but we're talking about the Evans case and my point is that he was never a participant. I'm not sure why you can't understand this. A participant is one that participates, shares, or takes part in something. They deemed he did not participate in the action. They deemed by him driving he did not participate in the killing. I don't see why you are not understanding this. You keep saying the same thing over and over "The LAW is very clear, anyone who participates in a felony murder in any way is equally guilty." OK, FINE, I DON'T CARE!!! He wasn't a PARTICIPANT!! There is no difference between how they enforced the law, they followed the law, found guilty all participants, which was ONLY his cousin. They did not participate in the shooting, which was the crime. The law doesn't say, nor did the DA determine that his driving directly led to the crime, nor did they determine Evans knew what was about to happen, which would also be a crime. I just don't get what you continue to argue about...
I'm done with this. You can keep saying it if you want but I'm done, you obviously have your POV and are going to stick with it, fine, IDC, but I just don't agree with you. The way you interpret the law is different. Again, IDC, if you were a DA you could fight to make sure he was in jail, but the DA in this case didn't interpret the law that way. It's not about enforcing it differently. The law is not black and white. Again you are hung up on this word participant, but you are making him a participant when the DA and police didn't. So your version of the law is still followed in that affect. Again, tired of arguing especially since it's redundant...

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You Don't Know What Happened

You don't know what happened because you don't have all of the facts.

1. The DA may have decided not to prosecute because he believed Tyreke Evans didn't know his cousin was going to shoot someone. Maybe he wanted to give someone he thought was a good kid a 2nd chance at a successful life?

2. The DA may have decided not to prosecute because he wanted Tyreke Evans to testify against his cousin.

3. The DA may have decided not to prosecute Tyreke Evans for some other reason none of us are aware of.

My point is this, you should not proclaim conclusions about incidents unless you have all of the facts. One fact we do know is contrary to what you said, he was legally a participant because he was the driver in a "drive by shooting".

There could have been one or several different reasons why Evans wasn't prosecuted. The fact that an individual isn't prosecuted doesn't necessarily mean they were innocent and had nothing to do with the crime. Yes that could be the reason but it could also be a decision based on what makes the prosecution's case against their primary target most effective.

I personally watched the legal system work for more years than I care to mention. There are just so many factors that go into the decision on a prosecution strategy. Every day of the year DAs decline to prosecute people they know are guilty for a wide variety of reasons.

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Tyreke Evans before it went

Tyreke Evans before it went to Memphis had this incident happen and he was found innocent. I am sure someone had his back. Regardless of how the law is written. There are lots of law that are out there that people commit everyday unknowingly. The fact is there are biases in laws. You had a congressman hit and kill someone and I believe he got off. Evans got off before he got college and NBA fan even though he did have basketball fam. I don't know what happened but I have known people to have a situation like this happen and God bless they aint locked up. Someone they know asks to get a ride somewhere and then they do something stupid and you as the driver or like stuck because most of the time it is family and you did not know they would do something that stupid until it too late. I got a text from a friend that had a cuz pull a move like that. I heard that Mike and Mike thing and honestly it is hard to say he slurred his words. It was not something rushed at all. Also he did not apologize right away, I mean had he done that I maybe could feel like yeah it was a mistake but he waited and also it clearly sounded like coon and not anything else. My thing is the Evans things we did not see but know a few facts. The Mike and Mike thing i saw it and heard it and like someone said who is going to admit to doing something like that knowing the consequences that they could lose their well paying job where they just talk about sports which any guy could do for hours. There is no way to know for sure but it is hard for me to accept that as merely a mistake.

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