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The guard Sylvan Landersberg from Virginia continues to get no love from this website and I think not only is he a first rounder but he the best two guard in the country. He has been more consistent then Willie Warren who many thinks is the best and more effiecent. He is on pace to lead Virginia to the NCAA tournament for the first time in maybe six or seven years. What are people take on him let me know

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I don't think he is the best

I don't think he is the best 2 guard in the country but I do like Landesberg's game.  I've talked about him a bunch on here.  I would absolutely take him over someone like Willie Warren, even though I may be in the minority on that choice.  

I do think he is a mid to late 1st round pick if he declares in 2010.  

Scouts just worry about his upside.  That is what limits his draft stock.  That is why he doesn't get much love in the majority of mock drafts you see on the internet.  

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He's a late 1st rounder. And

He's a late 1st rounder. And Willie Warren is better than him, and has the ability to be better in the pros. I think Landesburg is a good player, but he doesn't have any standout abilities and doesn't have more than average athleticism. He's not a great shooter either, but I think that will improve for him over time. I think his upside is as a Roger Mason Jr type, as he plays EXACTLY like a young Roger Mason

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