I feel like we are on the Cusp. . .

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I feel like we are on the Cusp. . .

I feel like we are on the cusp of something big. I feel like, really soon, a big trade is going to go down and change the landscape for about half the league. I dont mean a trade like, no disrespect, Armstrong for a 2nd round pick. Im talking about a trade that is going to affect playoff position for lots of teams. IDK who or when but I feel like its going to be soon.

Does anyone else feel like this is going to happen or am I just getting anxious??

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Predicting the future, eh?

Can you say, WITCH!!!!!!!!

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but yeah i bet there will be action... not to change half the league but i bet some biggys will go down...

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if Boozer gets moved to say

if Boozer gets moved to say Chi town. That could be something. Also New York could move Nate and Harrington. Added to the right team's bench and that could propel some team over the top. Dallas may move Howard. That could be big.

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yeah that would be amazing

yeah that would be amazing that a big trade will happen soon because as well all know that doesnt happen just about every year :)

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