Man Evan Turner is a baller!

Turner had 20 points, 13 rebounds, 8 assists, 2 steals, & 1 block tonight.  7-11 from the field.  I hope the Bulls draft him!
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that would definitely be a

that would definitely be a good fit but if he can keep this up and his medical reports check out. You are talking bout a top 3 pick easy.

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Haven't got to see him play

Haven't got to see him play yet. He puts up some stupid stats though. I have only been watching Wes Johnson,and Wall for now. I need to catch a glimpse of this dude though, he seems like a monster.

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Evan Turner is a TOTAL MONSTER!

I have got the pleasure of watching him about 8 x on TV this year. I have the big 10 network so I get to see him plenty.

He's just an amazing talent, in he can do it all, handle the ball, pass the ball, play defense, block shots, make shots. His team is just so much better when he's on the court.

I truly think he is every bit the player Wall is, I know many will disagree with that. I've seen a ton of wes johnson and John Wall, and I prefer this kid. He's the goods.

I am a wolves fan and want this kid so bad.

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no doubt!

This kids killin it, I seriously hope the wolves draft him!! He can do everything, just thinkin bout how he would fit wit the wolves j flynn turner brewer love n big al nice right??

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He's like Brandon Roy, but

He's like Brandon Roy, but possibly a better passer. I think he'll be R.O.Y. and an All-NBA type player in the future. I don't see very many weaknesses in his game at all. He's a beast

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Yeah he would be a great fit

Yeah he would be a great fit for the TWolves.

I hope the Bulls trade up to get him even though that is probably a slim chance.

Turner is the 2nd best prospect I've seen all season.  I think he should be the 2nd pick as of right now. 

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There is no way i can see

There is no way i can see any reason to put anyone but John Wall ahead of him in mock drafts.

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if u watched a lot of john

if u watched a lot of john wall ud realize he makes some of the best passes uve ever seen... court vision that he has cannot be taught... not to mention hes a great athlete

nothing against evan turner but hes not as good as wall.. still an amazing player, just not as good as wall

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I think that Turner is just as good as Wall, the difference is that Wall is a "beyond freaky" athlete.

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Turner is a very very good player. I'll love to see him come here to the twin cities. I also love wes johnson to come here. How about the wolves do what they did last year, get 2 picks back to back, Taking Johnson and Turner. I'm crossing my fingers. I think both Turner and Johnson would help out the wolves. We lack shooting and Wes would help fill out that role and then Turner can be the slashing, play making wing in the triangle offense.

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