Eric Bledsoe The other Kentucky PG could be a lottery pick.

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Eric Bledsoe The other Kentucky PG could be a lottery pick.

Bledsoe second-best PG?

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I made a thread 2 weeks ago

I made a thread 2 weeks ago ..about Bledsoe being lotto pick this year...and several guys said i was crazy..he has the talent to be a star..but i hope he returns next season...

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This is a weak draft for

This is a weak draft for point guards so if he declared he could find his way into the lottery. Probably shoudn't come out this year though.

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ERIC Bledsoe

i think eric is a lottery pick but i dont think any team will take a chance on him. when you think of UK you think of John Wall not Eric. for ex: when walls was hurt UNC made a comeback and then walls aka get bucket push the lead right back. i think john walls change UK from a regular team to a powerhouse. i think eric is the pg that control the team push everything in the paint.

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Yeah, Similar situation to

Yeah, Similar situation to Kemba Walker

He'd be best off staying in school for another year, but if he entered this year, He'd go ALOT higher because of the depth that the PG position lacks in this draft

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Yup, Kemba Walker is the

Yup, Kemba Walker is the only other pg I'd probably take ahead of Bledsoe, besides Wall

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From ESPN Vishu (West


Vishu (West Chester)

Is Eric Bledsoe a possible first rounder this year?
Chad Ford (1:57 PM)

Yes. Maybe lottery. Just wrote about this too. For the past couple of weeks more and more NBA execs are saying that Bledsoe may be the second best point guard in the draft. He's obviously playing in John Wall's shadow, but he's a very good PG. A few GMs who saw the Florida-Kentucky game were blown away. He's super fast, strong, tough as nails and he can shoot the basketball. With so few great PGs in the draft, he's a major riser on our Big Board right now.

From the ESPN Draft Blog

Eric Bledsoe, PG, Kentucky

In a draft without any great point guard prospects past John Wall, could the second-best point guard actually be his teammate? A growing number of scouts are coming back from Kentucky scouting trips saying exactly that after watching Wall's freshman backcourt buddy, Eric Bledsoe (especially those who see Oklahoma's Willie Warren as a 2-guard).

Bledsoe is clearly talented and there's no question that he's been playing in Wall's shadow all season. But dig deeper and you can understand why NBA scouts are intrigued. While Bledsoe doesn't have Wall's size or his PR machine, he's incredibly quick and an explosive leaper, and he's very, very tough -- almost to a fault (against Louisville, John Calipari had to pull him from the floor early to keep him from going after Reginald Delk). Unlike Wall, Bledsoe has shown the ability to nail the open jumper and is shooting an impressive 47 percent from 3-point range.

In a recent game against Florida, Bledsoe -- not Wall, Patrick Patterson or DeMarcus Cousins -- was the best player on the floor. While Bledsoe could clearly use another year or two of seasoning at Kentucky -- one in which he, not Wall, is the team's alpha dog -- more and more scouts are talking about the possibility that he will declare this year. If he does enter the draft, he could end up going somewhere in the mid-to-late first round. Or higher.

"If John Wall didn't play for Kentucky, I think we'd all be calling Bledsoe a lottery pick," one GM told Insider. "He's playing in the same backcourt as the best player in college basketball. But if you look close, you'll see it. He's an NBA talent all the way."

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He was extremely impressive

He was extremely impressive against Florida the other day...Easily the best I've seen out of him. I think he'd be better off returning next season and showing that he can be a true PG, but with this weak PG class I think that any feedback that tells him he'll be a lotto pick will lead to him leaving. He's the 3rd best PG prospect in this projected draft behind Wall and Kemba Walker..

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ur forgetting

what about sherron collins? hes been pretty great so far...and i dont want him to go into the draft but would you consider bradley a one or a two ? i think he has a lot of 2 guard qualities similar to monta ellis

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