Whoa , was anyone watching

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Whoa , was anyone watching

How Dwight Howard was just dominating th LAkers that first half... 9-13 with 18 points...From watching this game you would think he is an offenisve nightmare...Hell he was even taking and making jumpers....If he can play like this every game, Whew.

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yeah, he was taking at bynum

yeah, he was taking at bynum trying to get him to pick up that 3rd foul the whole second quarter. It's good to see Dwight be aggressive. But somebody needs to get a refund check on rashard lewis's contract.

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Welcome to 2011-12You know

Welcome to 2011-12

You know Hakeem wasn't much better than Howard is now when he was 24.

I could easily see Howard ending roughly as good as Robinson/Ewing -- in that range. 

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Difference is Howard has

Difference is Howard has been in the NBA since 18 or 19 and Hakeem started at 22.
Also Hakeem shot 70% on free throws by then and went to college 3 years.

Howard really needs more shot attempts and needs to get off quicker shots before the double teams come.Not sure why the Magic have everyone else shooting so much.

Rashard Lewis is fine he's hitting almost 40% on 3's and is a matchup problem for most PF's, obviously he's overpaid but the Magic have plenty of overpaid guys.

Vince Carter is the problem he's supposed to be a slasher and scorer not just a guy who takes so many 3's at 31% with 5 attempts a game and only 3 asts terrible.

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..............................................Then in the second half he disappeared.

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vince carter's an absolute

vince carter's an absolute joke, i watch him play and am constantly unimpressed...theres no way he should be an all-star

you guys remember when dwight had 49 pts, 17 rebs, 9 blocks? he has that ability...he just needs to be more dominant and less passive offensively

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Bynum can't play D. Then

Bynum can't play D. Then again you can't expect a guy to guard Howard one on one. Shaq can kinda and Perkins does ok but thats it.

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but as dhamp says, hes over

but as dhamp says, hes over rated... (HEAVY SARCASM)

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