Xavier Henry's mid season woes.

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Xavier Henry's mid season woes.

Xavier Henry burst out of the gate as a high scoring, super efficient, do it all guard/forward for the #1 team in the country, but over the past few games I have noticed some trends in his game that he really needs to get over to avoid slipping out of the top 10 in this springs draft. I know all shooters go through their high's and lows, some nights your going to hit everything and some nights you'll go 2-12 and you just gotta keep shooting them. However, over the past 5 games or so Henry has been settling for 3's and almost completely abandoning any sort of mid range game, post up game ( a 6'7'' 230 pound college shooting guard! ) or slashing to the bucket. I know there is a big learning curve for all first year college players, but I see his effectiveness as a player go down the more he settles on launching 3's and failing to exploit matchups against smaller or weaker players.

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He's just a freshman. Seems every Frosh has been playing inconsitant. Favors, Bradley, Henry and even Wall. Granted a struggling John Wall is better than most others at their best, but his production has dropped too.

I hope Henry can pull himself back together, and that he doesn't suffer an Eric Gordon-type of breakdown.

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I'd like to see him be more

I'd like to see him be more aggressive offensively at times. I think it has to do with the Kansas system in some ways though, as their SG's usually hang around the 3-point line (either from the foul line extended, or in the corner) and spot up shoot. Remember Brandon Rush, J.R. Giddens, and at times Kirk Hinrich used to do that. I would like to see him create more off the dribble though, but I think he lacks ball handling to an extent.

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points wise hes pretty much

points wise hes pretty much been scoring the same except for 2 games. alot has to do with what i said awhile ago. conference play. its alot different and harder then out of conference play . youre playing high major comp everynight instead of once every games. alot of players averages (especially freshmen) slips

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X needs to be more of an aggressive Joe Johnson type rather than James Jones... In the past 5 games he's playing like James Jones settling for those low percentage shots... If I am a guy blessed with size and a fiery offensive talent, I would gladly take advantage of it... Henry is still young and he'll learn the ropes between aggressiveness and passiveness... I think he'll be fine though...

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