OKAY, Which NBA/NCAA C would fit best for OKC if they wanted to trade/draft one?

-C/F Joakim Noah
-C/F Amare Stoudimire
-C Marcus Camby
-F Zach Randolph
-F/C Kevin Love
-C Brandon Heywood
-C Samuel Dalembert
-C Cole Aldrich
-C/F Demarcus Cousins
-C Dexter Pittman
-F/C Larry Sanders
-C Jerome Jordan

I personally wouldn't mind Noah or Camby for NBA and Aldrich or Cousins for NCAA

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someone that doesn't mind

someone that doesn't mind never getting touches. Noah, Camby, Heywood, Dalembert fit that from the nba. From the list of college guys you said i would say anyone but Sanders, they are already undersized, he would only add to that problem. He is nice though.

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Noah, as soon as I saw him I

Noah, as soon as I saw him I stopped. He just seems like the Perfect Fit, Now..To go back and look at NCAA Centers. I'd go Cousins.

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Greg Monroe would be the

Greg Monroe would be the perfect PF for players like Harden, Westbrook and Durant. A good defensive minded big to patrol the paint, and someone with some strength on him, like a Dalembert or Haywood. Dexter Pittman would be good if you were absolutely sure he could improve his conditioning. They dont need an Eddy Curry.

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