what is up with

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what is up with

Brandon Jenning can't seem to find his shot anymore. i feel really bad for young money because he was getting a the hype and also what scott skiles said about his upside. and it looks like tyreke evans is taking the roy home this year

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crazy to think all that hype

crazy to think all that hype that was floating around here after the first month talking about him like he was a future mvp candidate and stuff. I watched the bucks/ jaz game the other day and he has a crazy handle and speed, but he doesn't finish strong and his jumper was straight up broke. He took one wide open jumper in the 4th that barley drew iron. He can still get it together, but right now he is struggling.

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He's hitting a Rookie Wall.

He's hitting a Rookie Wall. I still think he'll develop into a top 3 PG in the next 2-3 seasons though. But no doubt about it, he's stuggling right now as team's gameplan to take away his strengths.

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Jennings wasn't forcing

Jennings wasn't forcing anything early in the year and was doing great and the team was roling. Then when they realized how good he is they wanted him to take on a bigger role and be more aggresive. I think Jennings is better suited as a pass first/drive and kick guy instead of a main scorer.
Don't get me wrong the kid can score, he just needs another scorer on his team to be successful.

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He is a very good player, but he just started off the season hot.... He is very talented and plays with a lot of poise but I think his jumper is still a work in progress. It is just very inconsistent right now. It seems like he doesn't shoot with the same form every time and he has issues guiding the ball or hoping it will go in at times.

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He hasn't been as aggressive

He hasn't been as aggressive as before & teams are learning how to defend him, even then his team doesn't move all that well without the ball and the clock winds down forcing him to shoot bad shots. He still racking up the Assists though, but it's tough for him right now. He'll bounce back, just a small bump in his road to success ;)

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he need

he need find out what kind of player he wants to first month he was shooting more and he was practically new iverson(55 game ) but when his fg % dropped he started to pass more and suddenly hes pass first pg....

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