Brandon Roy Is The MVP But Won't Win It

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Brandon Roy Is The MVP But Won't Win It

There is no question Brandon Roy is the MVP of this season. We all know LeBron or Kobe will it, but Roy has been carrying a injury riddled team to ultimately the playoffs for 90% of the season. He's amazing, clutch and a positive influence on and off the court. Oh yeah and Rick Adelman is the automatic Coach of the Year if the Rockets pull off a playoff spot with the roster they currently have.

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Disagree. Scott Brooks for

Disagree. Scott Brooks for COY

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i like Brooks for coach of

i like Brooks for coach of the year but if Houston makes it to the playoffs you have to give Adelman his due. OKC has more talent than Houston by far.

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A.) Rick Adelman has done

A.) Rick Adelman has done this before, it's still good but he has done it with a worse team
B.) Contrary to what i want, the MVP doesn't go to the most valuable player, if goes to the best player on the best team. If it went to the actual most valuable lebron would have about 3 by now, Wade would have got it last year, and yes Roy would get it this year.

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Lebron will win

Lebron will win it...
although Roy deserves it, or Durant.
But Lebron will win it. Because hes Lebron

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Actually no. LeBron James

Actually no. LeBron James will win it, and does deserve it. Roy is having a great season, and I understand that posters are probably just saying this because they feel his performance is going under reported. He isn't the MVP. It is LeBron. End of story.

COY probably should go to Mike Woodson. Houston is a nice story because they play hard and are grinding out more wins than expected. Memphis is relevant for the first time in a number of years. OKC is playing well. Dallas is exceeding expectations as well. Atlanta, though, is on a 55-60 win pace with heavy reliance on guys who have been deemed by many as guys who teams cannot win with. Jamal Crawford has been labeled selfish loser gunner who can put up numbers on a bad team, but will never win. Josh Smith has had his attitude get questioned ever since draft night. Even last year, he was still getting tagged as immature, moody, and surly. Those two along with Joe Johnson and Al Horford are playing great. They defend well, and thanks to the put in ink 15-20 they get off the bench from Crawford every night can also outscore teams who want to get out and run. I give Woodson a ton of credit for making it work better than anyone expected.

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Scott Brooks?? Eh, c'mon

Scott Brooks?? Eh, c'mon guys, I'm not trying to be Bias-ed....but it isn't that hard to coach a guy like Durant who gives you 30+ almost every other night. He's got talent on his team, but he has done a good job with a young team having them in the Playoff hunt, but if my Rockets make the Playoffs...I think Rick gets it.

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He is def not the hands-down MVP, Kobe KD Melo Roy Wade are all right there in the running.

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To be MVP you need to lead a team and put up great stats

He has 1/2 down. Voters wont like his low stats compared to theres. thats just the truth

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I dont know if 23 4.5 5 is

I dont know if 23 4.5 5 is considered low stats but he wont get votes due to lack of popularity. Kobe Bryant will still win it this year even though I believe the Lakers would make the playoffs without him(although he's the top player in the league dont get me wrong). But in my definition of Most Valuable is how much of an asset are you to your team. I wanted DWade to win last year because without him Heat would be at the very bottom. This is the same situation with BRoy this year but unlike Wade/LeBron/Kobe he doesnt have the popularity.

Also about COY It should be a tossup between Paul Westphal of the Kings and Mike Woodson. Thunder had alot of talent to start with, they were just young players. Westphal's team is not as talented but he took a rookie star in the making and a group of role players and turned them to an up and coming team. Mike Woodson on the other hand got the team more focused, got Josh Smith to stop shooting jumpers(and BIG reason why the team is winning) and devised an excellent rotation of getting JCrawford involved in the 4th quarter.

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If I had to vote right now

Heres my top 5 in MVP race right now.
1. Lebron James- He is a beast and can do everything on the court. His team is winning and he does it with less then ther best talent. His numbers say it all. BTW Im Kobe fan and not Lebron!
2. Kobe Bryant- He plays through injuries leads this team to the best record in the west. I had him number a coupel weeks back put his effiency has dropped and thats a big deal to me. Also, hands down the most clutch player in the NBA.
3. Brandon Roy- I think right now he is doing the most with the least. His team has 5 or 6 rotation players injured and hes winning game by putting them on his back. One thing that hurts him a little is that his numbers dont rival players like Lebron, Kobe, and Durant.
4. Kevin Durant- He maybe the best scorer in NBA oustside Los Angeles. hHe is playing to his strengths and attacking the basket. Right now he has this young team in the playoffs.
5. Dirk Nowitski- This spot was hard to choose but this team is playign strong and his numbers are close to that in his MVP season.
Others considered- Steve Nash, Chris Paul, and Carmelo Anthony

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Seriously...Brandon Roy?...

I understand people wanted him to be recognized as one of the great guards in the NBA and for leading his team to the playoffs but to say he is the undisputed MVP of the regular season is more than a little ridiculous, no matter what category or mix of categories you use to lend your opinion on who should be voted the MVP, there are players who would come out ahead of him. He is not leading his team to the top of the NBA, or to the top of his conference, or even his division. He is not averaging better statistics than most stars in the NBA, I have not heard of anything this season that is extraordinary coming from him. He ranks 23rd in the NBA this season in efficiency, 7th among guards. He has other players on his team that help share the load, Aldridge, Oden (until the injury), and a great cast of role players as well as a fairly good coach. He has been doing more now that his team looks like a first aid kit exploded in the locker room, but there are other players in the league who are carrying their teams to winning streaks as well; Durant, Bosh, Zach Randolph, Baron Davis, CP3, Lebron does just about every night, as well as many other players who had a good run earlier in the season such as Nash, Tyreke, Howard, Wallace. So please, can we just take a moment to step back and think before we get to caught up in the hype.

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