chris wilcox

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chris wilcox

chris wilcox tonight had 14 points and 10 rebounds in 16 minutes (started today) in the pistons 3rd straight win do you think he can play like this every game and if he does should they continue to start him or keep big ben in starting lineup?

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I think he is a solid player

I think he is a solid player but it would appear that they dont like playing him all the time.

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nothing against chris wilcox

nothing against chris wilcox cause hes one of my fav players in det right now... but hes only a legit backup pf/c in the game... i was AT the game against the knicks tonight and i gotta say... although david lee had a monster game offensively, his D had more holes in it that an 18 hole golf course... jared jeffries wasnt much better...

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he doesnt have

he doesnt have any post moves but hes is freakish atlete and in this pistons he can play like 25-30 minutes

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Good Player, he'll have big

Good Player, he'll have big nights, Incosistent. Better served as an Off The Bench Big

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