Better Pro Prospect?

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Better Pro Prospect?

Dexter Pittman or Renardo Sidney

Desean Butler or Quincy Pondexter

Ekpe Udoh or Jarvis Varnado

Whoever you chose above or Larry Sanders

Andrew Ogilivy or Jerome Jordan

Gavin Edwards or Deon Thompson

Evan Turner or Xavier Henry

Lance Stephenson or Willie Warren

Tyshawn Taylor or Eric Bledsoe

Stanley Robinson or Damien James

Gani Lawal or Luke Harangody

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Dexter Pittman or Renardo Sidney.....Sidney idc still loads of potential

Desean Butler or Quincy Pondexter.....BUtler a consistent shooter...

Ekpe Udoh or Jarvis Varnado.....Tough... But Varnado

Whoever you chose above or Larry Sanders.....Larry Sanders....

Andrew Ogilivy or Jerome Jordan......Andrew

Gavin Edwards or Deon Thompson.....Gavin..... Ultimate 8thman

Evan Turner or Xavier Henry.....ET ET ET

Lance Stephenson or Willie Warren...Taking Born Ready
Tyshawn Taylor or Eric Bledsoe...Bledsoe......

Stanley Robinson or Damien Jones.........U mean james right lol... but i got him
Gani Lawal or Luke Harangody....GANi

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Pittman Poindexter Varnado Og


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Pittman Butler Push Sanders

Sanders (he will be a nice shot blocker off the bench)
Warren (6th man/more of a consistent scoring option in the NBA)
Bledsoe( Wait a year and he will be top 5)

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I'm with Turral2!

I'm with Turral2!

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Dexter Pittman or Renardo Sidney....Sidney, no question. Pittman is going to have a tough time guarding people his size.

Desean Butler or Quincy Pondexter....Pondexter. No question. He has improved so much. Trust me on this one.

Ekpe Udoh or Jarvis Varnado.....Jeez. Push? I'm taking Ekpe because of the overall versatility, but so close.

Whoever you chose above or Larry Sanders....Ekpe again. I have Varnando over Sanders as well.

Andrew Ogilivy or Jerome Jordan....Jerome. Andrew has gotten significantly worse...If that's possible?

Gavin Edwards or Deon Thompson....Deon. Legit post game with good finesse and good strength. Gavin is to short to be a center.

Evan Turner or Xavier Henry....Depends. Turner is more NBA ready, but I can see Henry being a better scorer. Still taking Turner.

Lance Stephenson or Willie Warren...Lance. Willie is vastly overrated and Lance plays with a chip on his shoulder.

Tyshawn Taylor or Eric Bledsoe....Eric Bledsoe. Easy.

Stanley Robinson or Damien James...Damion. Gerald Wallace anyone?

Gani Lawal or Luke Harangody....Gani. He has improved drastically. Luke hasn't gotten any better and measure in at 6,6 w/ shoes in the combine last year. Can still be a spark plug off the bench though.

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Dexter Pittman or Renardo

Dexter Pittman or Renardo Sidney...I haven't actually seen Sidney play so not sure as of now

Desean Butler or Quincy Pondexter...Butler

Ekpe Udoh or Jarvis Varnado...Varnado

Whoever you chose above or Larry Sanders...Varnado

Andrew Ogilivy or Jerome Jordan../Jordan

Gavin Edwards or Deon Thompson...Thompson

Evan Turner or Xavier Henry...I give Henry the slight edge

Lance Stephenson or Willie Warren...Stephenson

Tyshawn Taylor or Eric Bledsoe...Bledsoe

Stanley Robinson or Damien James...James

Gani Lawal or Luke Harangody...Harangody

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Dexter Pittman or Renardo

Dexter Pittman or Renardo Sidney............Sidney

Desean Butler or Quincy Pondexter..............Butler

Ekpe Udoh or Jarvis Varnado..............Varnado if he beefs up and gets some better offense

Whoever you chose above or Larry Sanders.............Sanders, I guess

Andrew Ogilivy or Jerome Jordan...................Jordan

Gavin Edwards or Deon Thompson................Edwards

Evan Turner or Xavier Henry.....................Henry

Lance Stephenson or Willie Warren....................Stephenson if he fixes his attitude

Tyshawn Taylor or Eric Bledsoe.................Bledsoe =)

Stanley Robinson or Damien James.....................Hm, tough one. Toss up but...I'll say James

Gani Lawal or Luke Harangody.................Gani

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Dexter Pittman or Renardo

Dexter Pittman or Renardo Sidney----Sidney, his potential is amazing

Desean Butler or Quincy Pondexter----IDK

Ekpe Udoh or Jarvis Varnado----Varnado

Whoever you chose above or Larry Sanders----Sidney!!!

Andrew Ogilivy or Jerome Jordan---Jordan

Gavin Edwards or Deon Thompson---Thompson

Evan Turner or Xavier Henry---Henry, if we are talking about PROSPECT i see him becoming bigger star i'm really high on him, scoring shooting with something like 6'7 220+ muscular body at 18yrs, that's too scary..but this is tough one

Lance Stephenson or Willie Warren---Warren!! he wants to be 2nd option then he could go as high as an allstar, and this year he shows some passing skills

Tyshawn Taylor or Eric Bledsoe---Bledsoe

Stanley Robinson or Damien James---JAMES JAMES JAMES!!!!!! can someone tell me how he is not lotery pick, only athleticism makes Johnson better by 20picks????18and11 next to 300pounder and lots of other good players plus NBA ready body,athleticism, speed, improved so underrated player

Gani Lawal or Luke Harangody-Gani

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Dexter Pittman or Renardo

Dexter Pittman or Renardo Sidney--- I like Sidney here. He's more talented and I think that alot of teams will skip him in the draft and he'll come out of the gates on fire, similar to Jennings, but he'll maintain that fire throughout the season.

Desean Butler or Quincy Pondexter---I like Butler here. He has alot of Jamal Mashburn in him. Pondexter figures to just be a scrappy bench player with "tweener status."

Ekpe Udoh or Jarvis Varnado--- I like Udoh here. He reminds me alot of Anthony Randolph. I think people will be talking about him as a player that could develop into one of the better players in the NBA. He handles the ball like a guard and has point forward ability. Varnado will be a shot-blocker off the bench.

Whoever you chose above or Larry Sanders---I like Udoh here by a hair. For the reasons I mentioned above. Sanders has grown on me though, he's got a better offensive game this year than I originally thought.

Andrew Ogilivy or Jerome Jordan---I don't like either as prospects that much, but I think Jordan will be on a longer leash as he seems to have "upside" that Ogilvy doesn't....

Gavin Edwards or Deon Thompson----Thompson. Edwards is too soft and unathletic for my tastes, and he's not the offensive player Thompson is.

Evan Turner or Xavier Henry---Evan Turner. I thnk he can be every bit as good as Brandon Roy is. I do like Henry though, and think he can be a borderline All-Star.

Lance Stephenson or Willie Warren---Give me Stephenson. I think he can be a 1st option scorer on a good team. Warren has All-Star type scoring ability, but he isn't a good defender and he's likely just going to provide instant offense off the bench.

Tyshawn Taylor or Eric Bledsoe---Eric Bledsoe. Tyshawn Taylor is NOT AT ALL an NBA prospect in my eyes. Nothing about Taylor impresses me really. Bledsoe is more talented and is a much better athlete.

Stanley Robinson or Damien James---I like James here. He's the better player at every skill except defense. James could be a 3rd option while providing solid D, while Robinson is going to be a 5th option and defensiev specialist.

Gani Lawal or Luke Harangody--- Lawal. Lawal has the ability to be a Brandon Bass or Ronny Turiaf type, while Harangody doesn't seem like a player that will have any success in the NBA to me...

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Dexter Pittman or Renardo

Dexter Pittman or Renardo Sidney- Toss Up..I'll take both ha. Almost impossible for me to pick because I've only seen Sidney play once.  

Desean Butler or Quincy Pondexter- Neither..haha I don't like either but if I had to choose.. Butler.

Ekpe Udoh or Jarvis Varnado... Varnado, he at least will be a defensive presence.  Udoh has bust written all over him.

Whoever you chose above or Larry Sanders.  Sanders because he is more likely to develop a better offensive game. He has quite a bit more upside.

Andrew Ogilivy or Jerome Jordan.  Jordan & it isn't close. I've seen Ogilvy play in person a TON of time...he isn't a nba player in my eyes.  I don't think he should even be drafted.

Gavin Edwards or Deon Thompson... Neither...neither one of these guys are pros.  I wouldn't draft either one of them. Thompson is the better player though.

Evan Turner or Xavier Henry.. Turner...he is a straight up baller. Henry is solid too but he isn't quite on the level of Turner.

Lance Stephenson or Willie Warren... Stephenson even though I'm not real high on him.  I just don't like combo scoring guards like Warren.

Tyshawn Taylor or Eric Bledsoe... Bledson & it isn't even close. Bledsoe just has to limite is turnovers & become a better passer.  He is strong, a great athlete, very crafty, & can shoot from deep.  

Stanley Robinson or Damien James.. Tough one..I'll take James barely just because I don't think Stanley will ever reach his "potential".

Gani Lawal or Luke Harangody... Tough.. Harangody by a hair just because he is one of the top players in college basketball.  I think he will make it in the league.  Just like people doubted Hansbrough, they will doubt Harangody but he will prove them wrong.

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i notice a trend. not just

i notice a trend. not just on this topic but most topics. a person is gonna pick who ever they have seen play the most. most of the time it doesnt even matter they they are wrong about whos better. and in alot of cases they havent seen the player play at all. just read stats and seen sportscenter clips

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