Elias Harris

Is Ballin. He hits threes .458% and he touches the ball were ever there is a rebound. He also scores all around the hoop once he opens up his 3 point range. Sure he doesn't create his own shot by dribbling or off screens but he can catch it anywhere with his massive hops. And then his rebounding skills are great. If college basketball was 24 seconded shot clock he would have 15 to 16 rebounds. And like I said he touches an offensive rebound 5-6 more times then what his stat show. He can also dribble out of double teams and moves within the mid range game and post better than anyone else in college basketball

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Gerald Wallace

Gerald Wallace is just one athletic step above Harris and Harris game is exactly like Wallace. And everyone could use a Wallace on there team.

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I watched him tonight

I really like his game. He doesn't seem to force anything, let's the offense come to him. Very athletic player.

I Think he can go anywhere form 10-18

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