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coming into this season we all (orlando magic, fans, front office) had high hopes this team would be playing some elite basketball. now all teams go through bad stretches, injuries, . but come enough is enough. its like what matt barnes said we have no heart. were out there playing like we know were going to win this game or gonna come back. but the truth is we are not.vince carter has not been what he said he would do . lead, be the go to guy every night. instead hes always taking this wild shots, not taking it to the hole enough. always looking hes in pain when he gets hit. man grow some damn balls. my skinny ass could go out there and play harder than him. then he smiles about it and has that ugly look on his face that i dont onto rashard lewis . he is playing like a weak &$#%#[email protected]!. the same could be said with dwight howard and the rest of the team. what makes me mad the most is that people and fans majority want to blame this on jameer . i know the guy aint 100 percent. but from the injuries he was playing like a all-star. the only players who i respect and i know that are playing with heart are jj reddick and matt barnes. everybody else can kiss ass. i wish stan would go back to angry old stan and smack d12 head off. if we dont turn it around the second half and come playoff time we wont beat boston or cleveland. hell we're probly get beat in he first round.

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Don't get carried away

Don't get carried away now....

The only reason Orlando is not good is because they don't have a set rotation. I wouldn't be surprised if they won 12-13 in a row after the All Star Break.

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Maybe Rashard is weak

Maybe Rashard is weak without them Roids. LOL

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good one rubio. anyways, i

good one rubio.

anyways, i agree 100% with everything truth said.

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Dwight Howard hasn't been

Dwight Howard hasn't been the same this year...that's their main problem...

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